How Do I Love U So Much

What do really happened to me?why i am becoming so cruel.Why?1st off all.i'm sorry ****.i'm really sorry.i know how bad i am.i note that there is nothing special.even a single things.but.i just want u to know.that i love your sister's very deep in my heart.i'm crying.crying asking for a second chance from u and your sister's.I say that i like ***** is not true.i just follow what i think.on 11.11.11.on that night,she ask me.ask to be a couple.that was the wonderfull things that i ever feel.truly.i never want to change.i love your sister's very well.I still remember my promise n her promise to be one another whenever what happened.but.she gave up.i can't stop thinking about her.She also already got someone to replce her on bs.i felt jealous.that mean i always love her.i can' really deep in me.i love her.the only thing that wrotten fs<3 is now deleted by her on the blog.and i felt sad when she says my mind.she never love me.never have any feelings.i hope.she can be the one that i really love.the person that most lovely that i found.i'm sorry.for all my mistaken.

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  1. You can change yourself. I'm sorry if I let my sister sees that text. All you do is talk to me perlahan and gently, don't bash me. I had a hard time today. I don't have the mood. Ah. Its okay. I know how it feels. Just sabar. You'll find better person.