How Do I Love U So Much

What do really happened to me?why i am becoming so cruel.Why?1st off all.i'm sorry ****.i'm really sorry.i know how bad i am.i note that there is nothing special.even a single things.but.i just want u to know.that i love your sister's very deep in my heart.i'm crying.crying asking for a second chance from u and your sister's.I say that i like ***** is not true.i just follow what i think.on 11.11.11.on that night,she ask me.ask to be a couple.that was the wonderfull things that i ever feel.truly.i never want to change.i love your sister's very well.I still remember my promise n her promise to be one another whenever what happened.but.she gave up.i can't stop thinking about her.She also already got someone to replce her on bs.i felt jealous.that mean i always love her.i can' really deep in me.i love her.the only thing that wrotten fs<3 is now deleted by her on the blog.and i felt sad when she says my mind.she never love me.never have any feelings.i hope.she can be the one that i really love.the person that most lovely that i found.i'm sorry.for all my mistaken.


YEAH!entry kali nie..berkenaan dgn..<HOME ALONE> sorang wei kat nyeeee!..aahah...buat yg xpnh..JGN JELES!...aahah..urmm...syg ckp yg xtakut ka sorang dirumah?ahha..pelik punya soalan...lelaki harus gagah..ahha..jgn takut.ahha..malam niekan...CHRISMAS!ahah..MERRY CHRISMAS ALL!..ahahdah tu..syg ku eksen dgn blog dia.ahaha..mentang2 buat blogskin.ahah..xpa..nanti dia buat pake aq.ahah..mudahan..ok..salam..nite..MERRY XMAS!!


Today,itwas ur 1st time thinks otherthis more than feel hurt in deep of my heart syg..i noe it maybe my fault..but..i tried to change my self better for u..why can't u see that?u mad to me coz of i'm seeing my ex blog?pls..let out n throw ur ego to rubbish..i love u..n i only love u..there no one else can steal my heart from u..for the truth syg..i still jealous with u too,i'm seeing ur fb acc..u were more friendly with other person more than feel hurt..nvm..but..all that i wan u too noe..pls..let ur ego off..i only love u syg..pls..i love u..='(


         Hello , entry ini hanyalah dipost oleh hacker . >:D . Blog ni takda entry , so datang hack blog ni and post entri la (apelagi?). Layan gambar

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My 1st experience(",)

     Yeah!my 1st experience in blog-ing.hehe..igot idea from my sweet heart(My key)..yes..that what she want me to call her.ahha..thx u!